Chamber Groups with Bonnie & Friends

For those planning a large event, Bonnie works with a select group of talented musicians, offering you a variety of chamber music and ensemble options.  Whether it's the rich sound of the Paradise Trio, elegant duets with harp & classical guitar, or a stunning 12-harp ensemble, Bonnie can help tailor the style and sound to your most exacting specifications.

Custom sizes: Any listed chamber group may be doubled for greater volume & impact.  For large occasions, doubling the trio or quartet produces a richly textured sound akin to a small chamber orchestra.  Doubling the harp duo creates a magical effect perfect for the grandest celebration.

Celtic band: Carolan's Fancy can be booked with your choice of instrumentation.  Although the basic core consists of harp, flute or guitar, & bodhran (Irish handheld drum), the actual composition can vary, and is up to you. Price will depend on number of musicians.

Custom groups: Additionally, Bonnie is happy to arrange for custom music groups not listed below.  Options include: harp & violin, harp & cello, harp & classical guitar, harp & string trio, or harp & string quartet.

Custom wedding additions: For weddings, she can also additional musicians of your choice, such as a vocalist or a trumpet for extra flavor.

Images & specifics for each group below!


Arabesque Harp & Flute Duo

The flute is the most beautiful instrument to combine with the harp.  The flute and harp duo of Arabesque has been delighting guests with luminous music at Houston's most elegant occasions for over 30 years.  From Bach to Bolling, Mozart to Sondheim, the music of Arabesque can provide a lovely and magical atmosphere for your celebration.

Paradise Trio Today!

Paradise Trio (Flute, harp, & cello)

With the addition of cello, this trio offers a full, rich sound perfect for larger functions.  Frequent performers for special events at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the trio is also a favorite with party planners and wedding consultants.

Canterbury Quartet (Flute, harp, violin, & cello)

For events on a grander scale, the Conterbury Quartet is an exciting alternative to the traditional string quartet.  Consisting of flute, violin, harp, and cello, the quartet has the big sound and textural colors of a small orchestra.  Their lively and varied repertoire includes classical, pop, show tunes, and occasional jazz.

Seraphim (2 harps)

With two times the glorious sound & visual impact, harp duets provide magical entertainment for larger events.

From classical favorites to unique harpistic sparklers, two harps double the exquisite atmosphere at any romantic occasion.


Seraphim (4 or more harps)

Seraphim with four harps (or more) is the ultimate in spectacle and pageantry!  Popular for lavish gala events, the group guarantees to have your guests spell-bound.

With 8 & 9 harps, Seraphim has performed for the Houston Ballet Ball and Opening Night for Houston Grand Opera.

With a magnificent sound and a breathtaking array of harps, Seraphim is perfect for your next grand extravaganza.

Carolan's Fancy (Celtic Group)

Featured on Bonnie's album "Music in The Glen", this lively Celtic band consists of a core of harp, flute, bodhran, and guitar.  Additional instrumentation can include Irish flute, fiddle, Uilleann pipes, concertina, and banjo.

From infectious, rhythmic dance music to haunting ballads, Carolan's Fancy gives you an evening of high-spirited music from Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.